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Packing advice for a cruise vacation.

Need to know!
Wearing camouflage is illegal in many countries in the Caribbean and South America, along with other areas around the world. You will be required to return to the ship and change, or worse, you could be arrested. Better safe they sorry. Leave the camouflage shorts at home. 

Based on the average needs for a 7-day cruise

5 pair of walking shorts
2 swim trunks
8 T-shirts
8 boxers or briefs       
1 pair of Jeans
2 dress shirts
2 resort casual shirts
2 dress slacks
1 belt - to match both pair of dress lacks

6 pair of socks
1 each to match dress pants and 4 pair of athletic socks if you plan on wearing sneakers everyday.

1 or 2 neck ties

1 suit, tux, or sport coat and 1 necktie (depending on formal)

Sandals, Casual Loafer, Dress Shoe and athletic shoes if you plan to work out or take long walks in port.

Windbreaker or light jacket in case the weather turns cold and rainy

Cruise Wear Etiquette

Formal = Tuxedo, Suit or Sport Coat with button down collar and tie. If you prefer to be comfortable (who doesn't) and yet be dressed appropriately for formal dinners in the dining room, wear a nice short sleeve tunic pullover underneath a jacket and skip the tie.  A gray sport coat or suit with a black tunic underneath would certainly be acceptable and considered stylish for formal night. After dinner, you're ready to go to the show without feeling like you want to change into something more comfortable.

Resort Casual = Walking shorts during the day, khaki or slacks in the evening. Polo shirts, button down and or collared short sleeve shirts. No tanks or cutoffs.

Casual = Jeans, t-shirts, sportswear, swimwear, flip flops, tank tops, denim shorts, short shorts

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