Kiel Germany Cruise Ship Port of Call

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Good to know

KIel has a long, ship-building tradition.  The city dates back to the Viking era.

Germany is part of the European Union and the currency is the euro.

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Getting around Kiel

Kiel has a relatively good public transportaton system based on buses and ferries.

Bicycles can be rented to get around Kiel.  Taxis are available, but tend to be expensive.

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Port News

Kiel Adding Terminal for Larger Ships

posted Jan. 14, 2014

Kiel has reported 128 calls for 2013, with more than 363,000 passengers embarking and disembarking. In order to relieve the highly booked Ostseekai terminal, ships were handled at the newly revamped Berth No. 1 in Ostuferhafen. Following the refurbishment of Berth No. 1, construction work for a new cruise passenger pavilion has begun. The new terminal will be located at the front side of Warehouse 2. Read more...

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Area Events

Kiel Week Regatta has been held the last full week inJune every year since 1882. It is one of the largest sailing regattas in the world.

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 Kiel, Germany

The third largest port in Northern Europe, the Port of Kiel prides itself on its customer service.  The city rests at the end of a fjord, making the sea in the heart of the city.

Port of Kiel

Port Authority

Local Name: Seehafen Kiel GmbH Co.
Address: Kommanditgesellschaft
Bollhornkai 1
Kiel 24103
Telephone: 49 431 98 22-0
Size: Medium
Coordinates: 54° 19' 51" N 10° 9' 39" E


 Terminal Information


The Ostseekai is the cruise ship terminal at the Port of Kiel. Modern waiting zones with bistro, check-in and luggage drop-off including a fantastic view over the fjord to the cruise ship and the wharf on the opposite waterside make your stay here become the first stage of your sea voyage. The terminal is in the heart of the city. Across the street, you will find the park of the castle with Kiel’s pedestrian precinct. Shorten your waiting time with a little ramble through the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein.


The combined terminal for ferry and cruise ship passengers with panorama windows offers a fantastic view over the city centre of Kiel and to the terminal Schwedenkai.  It primary services passenger ferries, but cruise ships do dock at Norwegenkai.


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Reserve a parking space online at the Port of Kiel by visiting The site can direct you to the best parking lot for your departing cruise.  Shuttle services are provided from the parking are to the cruise terminal.

Valet parking is available.  


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 Things to do in the area

U Boat 995

A restored World War II U-Boat, the inside still has original equipment.  Step inside an authentic U-Boat, a monument to a darker chapter in Kiel's history.

Kiel Harbor

Travel around Harwich's historic Old Town to learn about the historic building and Harwich's connection with the sea.

Kunsthalle zu Kiel (Kiel Art Galler)

The Kiel Art Gallery displays both classics and contemporary art. View examples of 19th and 20th century expressionism.

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