Royal Caribbean Special Needs Programs

A detailed overview of Royal Caribbeans special needs passenger services and policies

Vision Impaired

Braille and large print menus and daily Cruise Compasses

Braille and tactile signage

Braille and tactile elevator controls and audio call signals

Braille deck numbers on staircase handrails

Hearing Impaired

A portable kit is available upon request. It includes TTY (Text Telephone)/TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf), Alertmaster and a strobe alarm. The TTY in your stateroom interfaces with the TTY at the Guest Relations Desk to meet all your in - stateroom needs. The Alertmaster alarm clock features under-mattress or under-pillow vibrator, while lights on the Alertmaster monitor the following: doorbell, telephone ringing, alarms and other sounds. Amplified telephones are available in the staterooms and public areas.

Infrared systems are located in the Main Show Lounge and in the Royal Promenade on Voyager-family vessels.

Sign Language interpreters will be provided upon request to all guests who use American Sign Language as their primary means of communication.

Closed-captioned televisions are available in all staterooms across the fleet (if you are sailing on Monarch of the Seas, Majesty of the Seas or Sovereign of the Seas, please request one prior to sailing).

All videos produced by Royal Caribbean International are closed-captioned.

Service Animals

Service animals welcomed onboard. A relief area provided – 4 by 4 foot box, usually with cypress mulch (sod can be provided if requested and is available)

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Special Needs Passengers

 Access Advocates in the Access Department are available to assist guests and travel agents in planning accessible cruise vacations.

Royal Caribbean International offers a wide range of accessible products and services designed to meet the different needs of guests with disabilities.

Guests with disabilities and other special needs as well as their travel agents should request any necessary accommodations to Royal Caribbean in writing at the time of booking.

Please note: Royal Caribbean will not accept guests who will have entered their third trimester of pregnancy (27th week) at the beginning or at any time during their cruise vacation.

Services Service Animals Oxygen
Staterooms Wheelchairs Dialysis
Hearing Impaired Vision Impaired   Pregnancy

Ship Wide Services

Cruise ships are designed with spacious corridors to accommodate 180° turns for wheelchairs. Most decks are accessible through automatic doors, and all public rooms feature entrances with gradual inclines. Accessible staterooms ranging from 159 square feet to 298 square feet, offering a five-foot turning radius in sleeping areas, bathrooms and sitting areas for easy maneuverability.

Guests with medical impairments that require the use of dialysis or oxygen should contact RCI in advance of their cruise to ensure you understand the  policies and procedures for bringing the appropriate equipment onboard.

Services Provided:

  • - Early boarding
  • - Cruise transfers utilizing a specialized van with lift
  • - Boarding and departure assistance
  • - Scooter access
  • - Hydraulic lifts for one pool and one Jacuzzi on each ship in the fleet
  • - Accessible tender system available fleet-wide
  • - Accessible Blackjack tables in the casino
  • - Accessible Guest Relations Desk
  • - Deck plans that show accessible paths of travel
  • - Braille and large-print menus
  • - Service animals allowed onboard: a 4' x 4' wooden box with cypress mulch is provided
  • - Braille/tactile signage
  • - Braille elevator buttons/audio call signals
  • - Daily Cruise Compasses available in large print and Braille
- Cruise Services Directories available in Braille
- Early boarding available for orientation tours


  • - Stateroom door width: 32"-34" (vessel-dependent)
  • - Bathroom door width: 32"-34" (vessel-dependent)
  • - No doorsill to get into the stateroom
  • - Ramped bathroom thresholds
  • - Bathroom grab bars
  • - Lowered sink and vanity
  • - Roll-in showers
  • - Fold-down shower stool
  • - Hand-held showerheads
  • - Lowered closet bars
  • - Refrigerator in stateroom (upon request)
  • - Raised toilet seats (standard, 17.5"; taller raisers available)
  • - Accessible balconies (selected staterooms)
  • - Lowered safes for easy access (not including Empress of the Seas, Sovereign of the Seas, Majesty of the Seas and Monarch of the Seas, where safes are located at Guest Relations)

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Guests requiring continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are welcome to board all Royal Caribbean International® vessels. However, Royal Caribbean does not have the ability to assist or administer hemo-dialysis treatments. Those guests using peritoneal dialysis should have all solutions and equipment needed to perform the dialysis delivered to the vessel on the day of sailing at least two hours prior to sailing. Please contact RCI for more information on policies and procedures.

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All types of oxygen are permitted onboard. Please notify RCI as to quantity, type and delivery schedule. Each vessel has a different storage policy; however, you will be able to keep some or all of your cylinders in the stateroom. 

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Wheelchair Assistance

Airport Transportation

If requested in advance, Royal Caribbean can arrange for lift-equipped buses to transfer guests between the airport and the pier. This service is offered at no extra charge to  air/sea guests or those who have purchased cruise-only transfers. See a travel agent for details.

Extra Assistance at the Pier

Royal Caribbean International® offers boarding and departure assistance to guests with mobility impairments. Please request special assistance once you arrive at the pier or contact RCI prior to your cruise.

Special Equipment

Royal Caribbean has a variety of equipment available onboard, such as shower stools, bed extensions, raised toilet seats and transfer benches. Please contact RCI prior to boarding if interested.

Traveling from Ship to Shore

Royal Caribbean offers chair lifts that make the tendering process for guests with mobility impairments smooth and stress-free.

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