Seabourn Special Needs Program

A detailed overview of Seabourns special needs passenger services and policies

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Special Needs Overview


"Seabourn is committed to providing safe, easy, and accessible accommodations for all persons with disabilities, to the extent that is feasible. Seabourn does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability."

Passengers who require specific accommodations are asked to contact the Access & Compliance Department and submit a Special Requirements Information form (SRI) a minimum of 45 days prior to departure.

Accessible Staterooms

You can access schematics of each accessible suite along with wheelchair accessible route maps on the website. Most suites offer a small grab bar in the tub/shower area for assistance, however only the accessible suites provide the longer grab bars at an ADA compliant height and length.

 For guests who require assistance with stability in the bathrooms and shower/tub, Seabourn recommends booking one of the accessible suites as they provide grab bars in the showers and shower seats.

 Guests may contact the Access & Compliance department via email at for specific information on individual suites throughout the fleet.

Service Animals

Seabourn welcomes service animals accompanying our guests with disabilities. Please note we only permit service animals on board, defined as those animals that are individually trained to provide tasks/work to assist an individual with a disability. We do not permit our guests to bring pets, therapy/companion animals, and other animals that do not meet the definition of service animals.

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