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Disney Prohibited Items

Every cruise line has their own policy but in general most companies prohibit the same items: liquor, flammables and illegal items. Surprisingly clothes irons and steamers are now banned on most cruise ships for "safety reasons" but curling irons and curler machines are still ok.

Smoking Policy


Prohibited Items

•   Weapons and firearms (including ammunition, knives—including dive knives—swords, daggers or any other types of weapons) are not allowed onboard under any circumstances
•   Realistic replicas of firearms and weapons
•   Highly flammable liquids and combustible substances
•   Non prescribed controlled substances, illegal drugs, medically prescribed and synthetic marijuana
•   Hookah pipes
•   Power Tools and Tool boxes (except those tools of the trade utilized by vendors providing services)
•   Sporting equipment (i.e., baseball and cricket bats, hockey and lacrosse sticks, pool cues, ski poles, fishing gear and archery equipment.)
•   SCUBA equipment (i.e., tanks, spears guns /slings, dive knives, pry bar, and underwater scooter)
•   Kites, balloons, surfboards, wave boards, inflatable floats/pools (including pool noodles), and wagons
•   Bicycles, Segways, skateboards, inline & roller skates, any footwear with wheels, (i.e. Heely's type shoes)
•   Electrical appliances such as rice cookers, hot plates, coffee makers, electric irons, bottle sterilizer and bottle warmers, electric blankets, electric blenders, etc. Please note: A limited number of approved bottle warmers and bottle sterilizers are available upon request through Guest Services. Also all ships offer laundry facilities with irons and ironing boards. Valet laundry service is also available for a nominal fee.
•   Candles & Incense
•   DVD, VCR, or Blu ray players or, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii gaming systems are not allowed because of compatibility issues with the stateroom TVs
•   Musical instruments
•   Large Ice Coolers (Please note: small, personal-sized coolers, no larger than 12" x 12" x 12" brought onboard for the purpose of housing medications are permitted as carry-on luggage.)
•   Homemade, pre-cooked or other perishable food items plus any open snack containers
•   Metal detectors are not allowed on the ship or on Castaway Cay, as any object found using these devices would need to be returned to the owner or donated to charity
•   Personal fireworks or pyrotechnics
•   Seasonal and celebratory lighting strings
•   Liquid oxygen
•   Extension cords


Restricted Items

The following items are permitted but with the following restrictions:
•   Walkie-talkies and two-way radios (e.g., Motorola, JVC). Please be aware that the amount of steel in the ship's infrastructure may cause some "dead zones" and the radios may not transmit in these areas.
•   A small portable fan. However, please contact Guest Services to have the Chief Electrician approve the use of your particular appliance in the stateroom.
•   Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFDs) and flotation sewn into the bathing suit for safety. However, recreational floating devices such as floats, rafts and fun noodles cannot be brought on board and are not permitted in the pools or on Castaway Cay.
Golf clubs, as long as they are stored in your stateroom.



While adult Guests ages 21 and older may bring alcohol onboard, the following guidelines apply:
•   Alcohol brought on board may not be consumed in any lounge or public area.
•   Guests who arrive in the dining room with a bottle of champagne or wine that has been brought on board will be charged a corking fee of $20.00 per bottle.
•   Beverages must be packed in your carry-on bag—which must not exceed 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep in dimension. Coolers filled with personal items (e.g. soda, alcohol, chips, candy, etc.) may not be brought on board.



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