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La Romana Weather

Good to know


The USVI are situated in an area prone to hurricanes.  Rainy season is from May to November, and periodic hurricanes between June and November.

In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane alert, Shipdetective will post NWS updates and information for travelers on our Tropical Storm Update page

Personal Safety

Visitors to the Dominican Republic, including to local resort areas, should carefully assess the potential risk of recreational activities.   

Many beaches lack life guards and/or warnings of unsafe conditions. Resort managers usually offer current information on local swimming & surf conditions.  

Visitors are cautioned not to swim alone, particularly at isolated beaches.  

Medical Services

Medical care is limited, especially outside Santo Domingo, and the quality of care varies widely among facilities. 

Outside the capital, emergency services range from extremely limited to nonexistent.  Blood supplies at both public and private hospitals are often limited, and not all facilities have blood on hand even for emergencies. 

Many medical facilities throughout the country do not have staff members who speak or understand English.

Tap water is unsafe to drink and should be avoided.  Bottled water and beverages are safe.

Getting around  

Visitors to the Dominican Republic might want to consider hiring a professional driver during their stay in lieu of driving themselves. 

Seat belts are required by law, and those caught not wearing them will be fined.  There are no child car seat laws. 

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La Romana, DR

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The port city of La Romana is located in the SE of the Dominican Republic and is one of the more industrialized cities in the nation.

Historically known for sugar production. La Romana is an island known as Bacardi Bay by locals and located in Samana Bay - a winter breeding ground for humpback whales. La Romana includes Casa de Campo coastal resort community and Casa de Campo includes Altos De Chavon Cultural Center. 

domincan republic map

This town is characterized by its tremendous influence in the country's tourism programs. It's filled with beautiful beaches and many hotels and resorts. There are also many growing suburban areas and fenced communities.

La Romana is not a typical Dominican town; instead, it is a company town, with the Central Romana Corporation owning the majority of the town. It is a town with nearly 100% employment, mostly in the tourism industry. This town has a large population, and all the problems associated with high-density areas. It does not have many notable sights in terms of architecture or urban spaces, being barely 100 years old.

The port is a modern platform and harbor terminal, with a capacity for two large modern cruise ships.

Port of Entry

La Romana Port has a two-pier cruise ship
and cargo dock in La Romana town on the
east side of La Romana River.

Time Zone

ECT - Same as EST (UTC - 4)

Map Coordinates

18.25 N 68.58 W

Average Temperatures

Water: 83°- Summer; 77°- Winter

Air: 85°- Summer; 78°- Winter

La Romana area Guide (pdf)

Things to do and see

Living Museum of the Sea

The site showcases items from the 1699 Captain Kidd shipwreck found 70 feet off the coast of Catalina Island in the waters off La Romana. The opening of the underwater site with items from the shipwreck Quedagh Merchant abandoned off the shore of Catalina Island marks the 310th anniversary of the scandalous 17th century pirate Captain William Kidd's hanging in London for his 'crimes of piracy.' Kidd had captured the Armenian ship off the west coast of India. Underwater plaques help guide divers around the Kidd site as well as relics and rare corals at two other shipwreck sites.

Cigar Factory

Take the Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Factory tour in La Romana. Based right next door to Casa de Campo, this is a tour that can easily be combined with a visit to Altos de Chavon, where the factory also has a cigar shop stocked with their own as well as other brands. Take note these are hand-rolled cigars. Your guide will explain what makes a premium cigar. The duration of the tours can match your interest in cigars. There is a half-hour tour for anyone who is just curious about cigars, a one-hour tour for cigar aficionados, and a two-hour tour for people who are serious about their cigars. The tours run Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm, and Saturday from 7am to 11am.

Altos de Chavon

A replica of a 17th century Mediterranean village located just minutes from La Romana. Here you’ll find artists’ studios, craft-shops, galleries, restaurants and bars to satisfy all types of visitors. Take in a show at their 5000 seat amphitheater that still attracts big name artists.

Catalina Island and Casa de Campo

Catalina Island is just across La Romana and Casa de Campo is a resort community in La Romana. Excursions are offered for cruise passengers from Catalina Island to the tourist resort of Casa de Campo; a resort complex built in 1975. The resort houses 3 championship golf courses, one of them being the famous "Teeth of The Dog" which is ranked 34th in the world. The Casa de Campo resort also houses its own polo fields and a private airstrip.

Playa Rincon

Boat rides to this beach offered from Las Galeras.

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