Carnival Cruise Line Children's Programs

A detailed overview of  onboard features and educational programs

Family Activities may include:

Family Welcome Aboard Parties

Ice Cream Eating Contests

Kids Talent Show

Family Scavenger Hunt

Family Arts and Crafts and Family Name that Tune

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Juniors Activities may include:

PlayStation 2 and Gameboys

Spin Art, Sand Art and Candy Art

Face painting - during themed activities

Kids Talent show

ExerSeas - Ball Games, Mini Olympics, Water Balloon Games and More.

Edu-Cruise Activities - Featuring Rockets, Turtles & Knight's Night

H2Ocean Activities - Featuring Make your own Ice Cream, Goop and Cosmic Catch

Sea Notes Activities - Featuring Rock Star Night, Karaoke & Feel the Music

Water Colors Activities - Featuring Value Drawing, Print Making & Name That Tune

DVD Prize Bingo for prizes

Late Night Party - Featuring Freaky Food Fear Factor, Bead Making, Games and More.

T-Shirt Decorating

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New Ocean-Themed Children's Program for Carnival Cruise Lines

posted April 20, 2014

Carnival Cruise Lines today unveiled Camp Ocean – an exciting, new marine-themed children’s program coming to its fleet of 24 “Fun Ships.” Set to debut on Carnival Freedom on May 24, the expansive new program will immerse children ages 2-11 in the wonders of the sea through fun, engaging and educational experiences. Read more...

Carnival Partners with Dr. Seuss to Bring Seuss at Sea to Fleet

posted Dec. 12, 2013
Carnival Cruise Lines today unveiled an exclusive partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to bring the beloved children’s brand and favorite characters to the line’s fleet of 24 “Fun Ships.”

The Carnival Seuss at Sea program will offer a variety of exciting and immersive onboard youth, family, dining and entertainment experiences featuring the amazing world and words of Dr. Seuss. Read more...


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Teen Shore Excursions

There are even special shore excursions, giving your kids the chance to explore one of our exciting destinations with a teen cruise director.

Some excursions may include:

Dolphins Experience Encounter

Stingray City – Grand Cayman

Canopy Tour

River Tubing – Belize

Teens must be registered with Camp Carnival in order to participate in the activities, but it's up to them how many - or how few -- they choose to attend. Camp Carnival's friendly and experienced Youth Staff wants to enhance your teen's vacation experience. This is why they've tailored activities specifically designed to entertain this age group.

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Carnival Kid Programs

Family Activities

2-5 Toddlers

6-8 Juniors   Activities

9-11  Intermediates

12-14 Young Teens

15-18 Teens   Shore Excursions

Club O2

Program News        Dr. Seuss        Camp Ocean

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Dr. Seuss at Sea

One ship, two ships, Dr. Seuss is on cruise ships! Carnival Cruise Lines partnered in 2013 with Dr. Seuss to bring the children's brand to the cruise line. Special features of the program include:

  • Seuss-a-palooza Story Time: an interactive reading event bringing the imaginative rhymes of Dr. Seuss alive.
  • Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast: a fun-filled experience with the characters of Dr. Seuss
  • Dr. Seuss Bookville: A Dr. Seuss-themed area of the ship with a selection of Dr. Seuss works
  • Character Parade: A lively stroll along the Promenade deck.
  • Onboard showing of Dr. Seuss movies will occur during the voyage in the Seaside Theater. Characters like the Cat in the Hat and Things 1 & 2 will appear for photo opportunities and character opportunities during the sailing.

    Camp Ocean

    Starting in 2014 with Carnival Freedom, Carnival will roll out the new "Camp Ocean" Kid's Program to its entire fleet by 2016. The new program features distinctive areas of play for three main age groups. The Penguins (ages 2-5), Sting Rays (6-8), and Sharks (9-11), will have 200 ocean-inspired activities ranging from educational Sea Creature Discoveries to creative Design Your Own Aquarium. The custom play areas include a Party Reef common area and a Creative Cove for arts and crafts.

    Children participating in the Camp Ocean program can take part in the Badge Challenge to collect mementos of their cruise. The badges are earned through activities exploring the vessel, onboard adventures, and program activities.

    Toddlers (Ages 2-5)   "Penguins"

    Babysitting services in the evenings from 10:00 pm - 3:00 am each evening of the cruise

    Port Days - From port arrival until 12:00 pm or if a late arrival then for the afternoon until 5:00 pm.

    Parents and their Under 2 child can come into the playroom and utilize the facilities that we have OR parents have the option of leaving their child under the supervision of a Youth Counselor, a babysitting fee applies to the second option.

    The babysitting fee is $6.00 per hour and is charged to the guest's Sail & Sign Account. Please check the Camp Ocean Capers for specific days and times.

    Family Play Times - Sea days from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - check Camp Ocean

    Toddlers do not have to be potty-trained in order to be part of Camp Ocean; parents simply need to provide the youth staff with diapers and toiletries for their child.

    Children also get their very own menus, featuring all their favorite foods. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, macaroni & cheese and spaghetti & meatballs are all available on a Carnival cruise, so even our pint-size guests can feel pampered on their "Fun Ship" family vacation.

    Carnival provide stroller rentals fleet-wide for a nominal fee.

    Children under the age of 2 are not able to participate in all the regular programs offered to the other age groups. Times designated where children under 2 can participate in the Camp Ocean program.

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    Juniors (Ages 6-8) "Sting Rays"

    Make Your Own Sundaes" and spin art, to candy art and movie time, your kids will have the opportunity to participate in fun events and make new friends from all over the world. Children also get their very own menus featuring all their favorite foods. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, macaroni & cheese, and spaghetti & meatballs are all available on a Carnival cruise.

    To make it even easier for parents to enjoy their vacation, Carnival has implemented fleet wide stroller and Gameboy rentals for a nominal fee. That's one less thing to remember to pack!

    Camp Carnival provides "Children's Only" dinner most nights. These dinners take place in the Lido Restaurant. We encourage parents to pick up their children for ALL other meals on Sea Days as lunch is not provided; however, on Port Days, we will provide lunch for children whose parents are ashore.

    Camp Carnival's friendly and experienced Youth Staff wants to enhance your child's vacation experience. This is why they've tailored activities specifically designed to entertain this age group. Additionally, parents can take advantage of evening babysitting services, because Carnival understands that every now and then Mom and Dad need some quiet time, too.

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    Intermediates (Ages 9-11) "Sharks"

    While most of the Camp Carnival activities for this age group are supervised, there will be times when they are divided into teams for a game or other such activities, and will not be accompanied by a member of the youth staff.

    Other activities for intermediates include: 

    PlayStation 2 and Gameboys

    Sea Notes - Featuring Music Jeopardy, Sound It Out and Making the Band

    Water Colors Activities - Featuring Monoprinting, Out & About and Sketch Trail

    DVD Bingo for prizes

    Kids Disco's

    Pizza Pig-Out - Change to make your own Pizza's

    Edu-Cruise - Featuring Maya Mania, Pirates and more

    H2Ocean - Featuring make your own Ice Cream, Twirler Whirler, Stir it Up and Rainbow Combinations

    Kid’s Talent show

    T-shirt decorating

    ExerSeas - Featuring Basketball, Water Balloon Volleyball and many other outdoor games

    Swimming Under the Stars

    Inters After Hours - Late Night 9-11's Hang - Featuring PS2's

    Spin art, sand art & candy art

    Late Night Party - 10pm-3:30am - Featuring Video Arcade Tournament, Capture the Flag, Freaky Food Fear Factor & much more.

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    Young Teens (Ages 12-14)

    Circle "C" is the ultimate Teen Program for children, ages 12 to 14 years old, who want to chill on a cruise. Cool activities, awesome facilities and lots of rad new friends to add to their e-mail lists. Now young teens have a place of their own to connect with friends or simply chill. Circle “C” is the place to be for parties, games and other supervised activities created just for them (think dance parties, movies, and more).

    Teens must be registered with Circle "C" in order to participate in the activities, but it's up to them how many -- or few -- they choose to attend. Teens can come and go as they want, with activities running until the early morning hours.  Circle "C"'s friendly and experienced Youth Staff wants to enhance your teen's vacation experience. This is why they've tailored activities specifically designed to entertain this age group.

    If your teen loves to dance, we have great news for them. Every night aboard a Carnival cruise our 12- to 14- year-old guests will have the opportunity to "mix and mingle" at our shipboard dance club to the latest hits.

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    Circle "C" activities include:

    The latest game consoles

    Talent show - Talent Show MC Competition - You can be the star of the show

    Dance Parties

    Late Night Teen Hang

    Late Night Movies

    Video Arcade Tournament

    Scavenger Hunts


    Freaky Food Fear Factor

    Camp Carnival Survivor Challenge

    Make Your Own Pizza

    Game Boys

    ExerSeas Activities - Including games like Dodgeball, Basket Ball, and Mini Golf

    Sea Notes - Including games and activities like Name that Tune, Teen Idol, and Musical Jeopardy

    Water Color Activities - Including activities like Mono-Printing, The Great Art Robbery, and Decoupage Boxes

    Sand Art

    Spin Art

    Candy Art

    T-Shirt Decorating

    Carnival Twister Waterslide Races

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    Teens (Ages 15-18)

    From the moment they step onboard, Club O2 teens are part of a cruise experience unlike anything else. Every activity and event - from outdoor activities like: basketball, volleyball, ping pong, pool parties and high-energy dance parties has been specially created with 15-17 year-olds in mind.

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    Club O2

    Club O2 Daytime activities are designed to be a little more relaxed. Teens can hangout with their friends while watching a movie, listening to the latest music, playing video games or joining karaoke jam sessions. Teen-only shore excursions so young adults can enjoy the sites and sounds of the ports of call with their peers. All activities are coordinated by a Club O2 Director dedicated to keeping the activities fun for our 15-17 year old guests.

    Club O2 Directors are hired and trained to spark the interest of the teens and get them involved. Each director brings their own unique style to Club O2. Their motivation and dedication to the program ensures your teen’s cruise experience is unlike any they have ever had before. They are hosts, entertainers and often DJ’s for the teens.

    Some of Club O2 activities include: Board Games, Card Games, Music Hangs, Theme parties, Lido Deck Activities, Reality Games Shows, Trivia, scavenger hunts and pool parties.


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